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Our History

The Suurbraak -village is also called !Xairu.  The latter refers to the name given by the Attequa -tribe who lived in the area before European settlement and means “beautiful” or “paradise” and this is where” Xairu Heritage Portal NPC” gets its “core”-name from.

Xairu Heritage Portal is a not-for-profit institution that was born out of a deep desire among several Xairu (Suurbraak) residents to serve their community in a more structured and organized manner. For years, these individuals were informally involved in various activities and projects in Suurbraak  but were inhibited by the lack of an institution that could source funding and resources to strengthen and improved the outcomes of their interventions.  


Realizing this shortcoming, Xairu Heritage Portal NPC was established in 2020 with the broad objective to facilitate community development/ empowerment in Suurbraak by conserving and promoting its natural, indigenous and historic heritage. Focus will be placed on attracting international and local tourism to the village to secure an income to sustain the heritage and developmental activities and projects. The income and surplus generated by the tourist activities will be solely used for:

  • Youth development and training
  • Community development and training
  • Art and cultural enrichment of the community
  • Support of cooperatives and tourism-based businesses
  • local economic development and community empowerment.

Xairu Heritage Portal is a Non-Profit Corporation will be driven by the following values:

Act with integrity and honesty

Building networks and partnerships

Empower by fighting all forms of discrimination

Invest in the youth

Encourage life -long learning

Promote equality, dignity and a just society, especially with regard to the poor, vulnerable and marginalised.

Mission Statement

Xairu Heritage Portal is a Non-Profit Corporation that will endeavour to facilitate:

the protection of the heritage of Xairu (Suurbraak) -community

youth development and training

community development and training

art and cultural enrichment of the community

the establishment of cooperatives and tourism-based businesses and projects

formation of partnerships with business, Higher Educational Institutions and other stakeholders.

Vision Statement

Xairu Heritage Portal NPC embraces values that promote an equal society where all people achieve their fullest potential by preserving our natural, indigenous and historic heritage while discovering new knowledge and leaving a sustainable world for future generations.

Our Volunteers

We are more than a nonprofit organization

Peter Le Roux Chairman

I am Peter Le Roux

The Le Roux /Le Roe-clan has been living in Suurbraak (Xairu) and Rietkuil for the past 200 years and I am part of the 5th -generation. My dad was born in Suurbraak in 1928 but moved to Cape Town

for work and survival reasons in 1948 and that is where I was born and schooled. I always kept links with family in Suurbraak and moved back here permanently in 2010 with a deep commitment to contribute to the social and economic upliftment of the village. My wife, Avril Le Roux, was a teacher at Suurbraak Primary before she permanently retired to become the proud owner of the Green Fig Guesthouse, one of the first registered establishments to sleep international and local visitors to the Suurbraak-village since 2009.


Education highlights

My tertiary education I completed in South Africa (BCom-Honours) and my Masters in Commerce (MCom) I partly completed in the United Kingdom at the University of Plymouth in 2002. I also completed postgraduate qualifications in Health, Safety and Environmental Management from the Nasional Health/Safety Academy and HIV/AIDS in the World of Work from Stellenbosch University.


Work highlights include:

  • Lecturing part-time at CPUT for 12 years in various Management- fields
  • Design accredited short courses in various disciplines over period of 15 years.
  • Manage the HIV/AIDS Unit at CPUT for 8 years
  • Supervise BTECH – students on many environmental projects.
  • Work as HR Professional for more than 25 years in both the private and public sectors.


Community -involvement highlights include:

  • Work as a volunteer in various Civic Organisations and NGOs since 1979.
  • Work as a volunteer with Trade Unions and advise on various labour matters 1985 – 2005
  • Coordinate a R1.3m gardening project in Suurbraak 2002 – 2006
  • Mentor and support Suurbraak -grade 12 learners (Ikwezi’s) since 2005 till present
  • Involved in empowerment -projects through youth development in Suurbraak since 2005
  • Chairperson of the Railton Foundation in Swellendam for 18 months
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Lesley Fredericks Financial Officer

I am Lesley Fredericks.

My ancestors have lived in Suurbraak for the past two centuries. I was born here, schooled her and spent my young life here till I left the village to find work in Cape Town.

I see myself as a hardworking, positive and trustworthy person who is open for new challenges. My strengths include assisting where help is needed, interaction with people, team -work and solid personal ethics.

Education Highlights


Post School Courses

General OHS Act Awareness / Global Sustainable Risk Control, Equipment Controlling, Fundamentals of Management, Computer training – MS Dos, MS Word, MS Excel, Lotus 123, PowerPoint.

Work Highlights

Customs and Excise controller @ Gilbeys International

Customs and Excise Controller @ Imperial Holdings  where duties included:

  • Drafting and calculation of all import as well as export documents for submission to SARS.
  • Managed monthly a zero balanced stock variance report and submit to management.
  • Managed Bavaria Breweries contract and control monthly income statements as well drafting annual budgets.

Current employment

  • Production manager @ Rural Technical Services

Other Experience / Skills Highlights

  • Bookkeeping for various small businesses and
  • Bookkeeping for various NPOs including the Railton Foundation Swellendam for more than 2 years.

All annual statements and bank statements are audited by Bosshof & Visser Auditors for submission to SARS

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Nolan Theodore Operations Officer

I am Nolan Theodore

Born on 24 Nov 1988 and raised in Suurbraak. I am the son of a bricklayer/entrepreneur and a mother who is a strong community leader. I attended primary school in Suurbraak and high school in Swellendam.  Currently I am busy to complete the ND Marketing at CPUT. I also completed various modules in entrepreneurship, community development, IT and facilitators skills to date. I am a proud “Braknaar” and remain a committed community activist with a deep desire to protect our heritage and to enhance the empowerment of the youth, poor and vulnerable.

Work highlights include:

  • Optical technician for 4 years at Basic Optical laboratories Pty Ltd.
  • Community Liaison Officer for the Learn to Work Programme under Swellendam Tourism Economic Empowerment Programme (STEEP).
  • Acquisition Clerk for Railton Foundation Swellendam
  • Administrative Assistant for Agricol Swellendam.

Community -involvement highlights include:

  • Youth Representative and Activist in Suurbraak
  • Holds various secretarial positions on community structures namely:

Council of Stakeholder: 2014 – 2017

Suurbraak Transformation Committee: 2018 – 2019

Suurbraak Communal Property Association (CPA): 2019 – present

Progress Rugby Football Club: 2019 – present

  • Mentor and support Suurbraak -grade 12 learners (Ikwezi’s) since 2005 till present
  • Involved in empowerment -projects eg. Suurbraak Parkie and Xairu Xnau (Food Security)
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